Retractable Awnings Warranty

Adalia Extreme (x3m)™ group of retractable awnings warranty

Wizard Industries Inc. warrants it's retractable Adalia Extreme (x3m)™ awning frame, fabric cover, motor and accessories, if the awning is so equipped, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for the following durations commencing from the date of purchase:

  • The Adalia Extreme (x3m)™ framework is under warranty for a period of (10) ten years.
  • The Adalia Extreme (x3m)™ inclination gear unit is under warranty for a period of (5) five years.
  • The powder coating on the finished frame is under warranty for a period of (5) five years.
  • The fabric cover, including sewing and seems, are under warranty for a period of (5) five years (see fabric warranty for details).
  • Motors and motor accessories, including switches and transmitters, are under warranty for a period of (5) five years.
  • Labor performed by Wizard Industries or authorized dealers such as installation and repair, are under warranty for a period of (1) One Year.
Any defects must be reported to Wizard Industries Inc. or an authorized dealer, within the periods listed above. The Limited warranty is only valid to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. Wizard Industries Inc.'s sole obligation under this limited warranty shall be to replace or repair, at its' discretion, those frame parts or fabric components, which are found to be defective. Any freight cost related to the repair or replacement is the owner's responsibility

This limited warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or neglect, accidents, fire, vandalism, strong winds, hurricanes, snow, heavy rain, hail or any other acts of God. Normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. The limited warranty does not apply to damages to any structure to which the system is attached.

The standard manufacturers' warranty for the fabric cover, motors and other optional equipment are not covered by Wizard Industries Inc.'s limited warranty and they are automatically passed on to the original purchaser by any such manufacturer. Copies of these warranties are available upon request.

Awning Fabric Warranty

Limited Awning Fabric Warranty

All awning fabrics offered by Wizard Industries Inc. are made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber, which means that the color is locked-in and assures long lasting life of hte fabric top.  Being a woven fabric it breathes, and is allows light diffusion. The Awning fabric has a fluorocarbon finish which provides excellent water repellency.

This high quality fabric is guaranteed for a period of (5) five years. This limited warranty covers the fabric if it becomes serviceable because of excessive loss  of the  strength or fading from normal exposure conditions. This warranty does not cover labor or installation supplied by the dealer. It does not cover damage done by animals, accidents, fire, strong winds, hurricanes, snow, heavy rain or any other acts of God or misuse. Wizard Industries Inc. at its discretion is limited to supply new fabric or to replace the portion of the top that has become unserviceable.

Care and Cleaning

The fabric top should be cleaned from time to time (based on awning location and environmental conditions) before substances such as dirt, roof particles, etc. are allowed to accumulate on and become embedded in the fabric.  This can be done by first brushing off any loose dirt, debris etc., then hosing off the top with clear water, (do not use a power washer as this may damage the top), you may use a solution of mild natural soap to clean any dirt off.  The water should be cold to luke warm, (not more than 100F or 35c), rinse thoroughly to remove all soap then allow drying.  If you do this minor maintenance regularly then you will assure a lengthy and beautiful appearance of your fabric top.



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