Are you looking for a retractable screen solution for your opening? How to choose the right product? This is a guide to help you to make the right choice! This guide consists of 3 parts, size, utilization and characteristics.

The best place to start is size, this is important because this can limit or expand your options based on the size of the opening. For windows, you can start as low as 2’ for RetractaView. For maximum, please see the table below for reference:

Product Width Height
The Horizon Double 40’ / Single 20’ 11’
VistaView Double 28’ / Single 14’ 11’
SmartScreen Motorized 25’ 16’
SmartScreen 14’ 9’
RetractaView Double 120” / Single 60” 108”

Maximum Sizes per Product

The second part is utilization; this means two things, location, and what the primary use is. For example, let's say you need a retractable screen for an opening 12' wide and 8' tall, with this size you have 4 options: The Horizon, VistaView, SmartScreen and SmartScreen Motorized. But now, let's say this is for your garage entry, now we recommend the SmartScreen or SmartScreen Motorized. Why? They are vertical retractable screens, the housing is installed above and there is no bottom track. If you have a multi-sliding door, then we recommend The Horizon or VistaView because they are horizontal and will operate similar to your door.

For the last part is characteristics, this is more about individual users or special requirements. From our example above, of the multi-sliding door, the owner needs to be wheelchair accessible, we can install VistaView in a recessed application, but sometimes this is not the installations on an existing building, then the recommendation is The Horizon because it has a low profile bottom track with only 1/2" tall, making it wheelchair friendly.

Of course, over all of that, we have customizations that can make it even more unique, for example, solar mesh to have better sun protection, or even a clear vinyl to complete isolate out the elements (only on the SmartScreen Motorized). Another important aspect is the colour, all products offered can be customized to match your home, even wood grain options are available upon request!

When we talk about homes, each one is different, and it is imperative to have a proper screen that will attend your needs and keep you cool and comfortable at home. Still not sure which screen is better for you? Give us a call, we will be happy to help you find the perfect retractable screen solutions for your home!

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