EXTRA WIDE Retractable Screens

VistaView™ Retractable Screens allow for uninterrupted panoramic outdoor views and abundant sunlight to flood indoor spaces. These extra wide screen doors and windows provide extensive coverage for large openings, ensuring that your home’s aesthetic remains intact without any screen frames, pull bars, or seams obstructing the beautiful vistas.

A truly remarkable screening system for large format doors and large openings.

Cover Large Openings

VistaView™ Retractable Wall Screens offer an optimal screening solution for maximizing unobstructed outdoor views with a single screen. These screens not only fill indoor spaces with abundant sunlight but also offer protection against pests, insects, and harmful UV rays. VistaView™ screens can cover openings up to 29’ feet wide—larger than any other screening system.

Patent Protected Smooth Operation

Using a Patented Auto Brake System, VistaView™ screens provide seamless coverage for expansive doors and windows and are incredibly easy to operate with just one hand. Effortlessly glide the screen along its track, and with the convenient hand brake system, you can stop it at any desired position to conveniently access doors or adjust the amount of natural light entering your space.

Captured Mesh Closure

VistaView™ has a unique captured mesh welding system so that the mesh is locked in at all times and won’t blow out, ensuring the screen remains taut and resistant to tearing. This innovative retention zippered screen door closure grants VistaView™ the ability to withstand a wind test of 100 mph and holds the screen taut. Whether it’s for newly constructed houses or ongoing renovation projects, builders can effortlessly recess the track using VistaView’s specialized channel and concealed cup, resulting in a seamless and flush appearance.

VistaView™ is the perfect screening solution for the following doors and large openings:

Multi-Sliding Doors

Bi-fold Doors

Corner Openings

French Doors

The Perfect Screens for Large Openings

Retractable Wall Screens bring the benefits of the outdoors, indoors—minus the bugs.
Relax and enjoy open-concept living with VistaView™.


Up to 29' wide.


Retracts out of sight when not in use.

Fresh Air Flow

Without letting pests in.

Auto Stop Technology

Stops anywhere automatically.


Avoids tears and catches.


For a sleek appearance.

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Customization Options

Customize your VistaView™ retractable screen to match your current exterior or fit your desired needs.

Finish Options

10 Year Paint Finish Warranty


Sizing Options

60mm Housing Size Single Unit: 6′(W) x 10′(H)
60mm Housing Size Double Units: 12′(W) x 10′(H)
70mm Housing Size Single Unit: 9’(W) x 10′(H)
70mm Housing Size Double Units: 18′(W) x 10’(H)
80mm Housing Size Single Unit: 14’6”(W) x 11’(H)
80mm Housing Size Double Units: 29’ (W) x 11’(H)

Mesh Options

Standard Mesh

Our standard mesh screening system keeps your home insect-free while maintaining clear visibility. Standard mesh is ideal for large openings and provides the greatest visibility compare to stronger mesh types.

Upgraded Mesh Options

Tuff Screen Pet Mesh

Pet Mesh is a specially engineered screening solution designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by dogs, cats, or even children. This durable screening option is particularly well-suited for high-traffic areas, whether it’s for patio and porch enclosures, windows, or doors, PetScreen proves to be an excellent choice due to its exceptional durability. Despite its strength, PetScreen mesh still supports strong visibility allowing you to enjoy clear views. *Size capabilities may be limited.

Tuff Screen No-See-Um

TuffScreen material is tightly woven to provide effective protection against small insects. Developed with a focus on ‘no-see-um’ protection, this mesh material prevents tiny pests from infiltrating your space. The denser the weave, the better the level of privacy and protection it offers, during both day and at night. TuffScreen is the perfect insect screen for large openings and is available in various widths, accommodating even expanded openings. *Size capabilities may be limited.


Configuration Options

Choose from 4 customized closure options.


Wizard Screens offers a 5 year limited warranty on all components.

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