Security Screens

SecuraView™ security screens are constructed with high tensile marine grade stainless steel mesh and extruded heavy duty tempered aluminum frame so a criminal can’t cut or bash their way through. SecuraView™ security screens deter home invasions while allowing you to maintain a stylish home.

Protect Your Family

The majority of home invasions start at the front door. Is your family safe? Why not take the precaution of putting a barrier between your loved ones and a would be criminal. A SecuraView™ Screen looks great so it won't spoil the appeal of your home. Wizard SecuraView™ Security Screens are trusted to protect thousands of people from break in every year.


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SecuraView™ Security Screens are a must have if you prioritize your homes security. No bars, no grilles! Just security with a view! Ventilate your home without have the fear of someone breaking in. With a SecuraView™ Security Screens you can even sleep with your windows open! Deter invasions and prevent robberies with a great looking screen.


Protection from Intruders!
Keep out insects, bugs and pests!
Provides unobstructed views
Fresh air provides a cool breeze
Protection from the suns harmful UV rays.
Customized to your home
A 10 year limited warranty

Finish Options


Mesh Options

Clear Coat

Sizing Options

Call for maximum sizes
Knife Shear (AS5041)
Salt Spray(ASTM B117)
Dynamic Impact (AS5041)
Jemmy Testing (AS5041)
Indentation Test (AS3715)
Adhesion Test (AS3715)
Bend Test (ISO1519)
Polymerization Test(AS3715)

Powder coating color warranty for a period of 10 years from the date of original installation on mesh and frame panels.

Hardware Warranty for a period of one year from the date of the original installation on hinges, door closers, locks and wheels.

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