The Horizon screen is the industry’s ideal solution for oversize and unique doors and large openings.

Large exterior doors and openings are popular because they add beauty to the home, allow expansive views, and let lots of sunlight in. However, large spans present a unique challenge — how to enjoy the unobstructed view when the space is completely open while also being able to move inside and outside without letting pests and insects indoors.

The Horizon can be paired with any unique door or difficult-to-screen opening up to 42 feet (double)/21 feet (single), including:

Unlike large screens that open vertically, the Horizon moves side-to-side and features a built in auto-stop function that allows it to be opened and stopped at any width along its horizontal track. When a person wants to go inside or outside, the screen is effortlessly pulled to the desired width to allow easy access and then can be quickly and easily closed. The ability to open the screen just enough to move through, which is unique to the Horizon, minimizes the opportunity for pests or insects to enter the home. The Horizon fully retracts into its side housing when the door is closed and the screen is not needed.

The Horizon

Horizon can screen up to 42’ wide double doors (or corners) and 21'” single doors with a durable and wind resistant high grade insect mesh. Features industry leading auto stop, captured mesh, flush handle and integrated option.

From $2899.00 * Single Door

Custom Made with a variety of finishes to match your door trim and homes décor. Pricing includes an auto stop mechanism, onsite measuring, installation and a limited lifetime warranty.

* Subject to applicable taxes, pricing is subject to site inspection, and some size limitations may apply.

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Live Large

The Horizon Retractable Wall Screens lets you relax and enjoy open concept living. Bring the outdoors in - minus the bugs!

Auto Stop
Automatically stops when the handle is released.

Low Profile Track
The lower track blends seamlessly into every application

No Visible Fasteners
Fits harmoniously in any architectural setting

Large Openings
42’ Wide with a Double Span

Floating Track
Provides automatic compensation across the entire opening.

Patented Flush Handle
Improves aesthetics and provides more clearance.

Captured Edge
Locks screen in tight.

Joint Compatibility
Assembly options to meet your needs.

The Horizon Screen can effortlessly accommodate post less corner doors interior and exterior going over 21’ in either direction.

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Aluminum Frame

The Horizon Aluminum Frame is designed and built from premium high grade aluminum that is available in either a contemporary Square Housing frame or traditional rounded housing and both come in a selection of standard colors. For custom color and wood grain options please specify and contact wizard for more information

Sizing Options

There are 2 different housing sizes available with the Horizon Screen System, 80mm and 100mm Housings.

Finish Options

Classic Bronze
Clear Anodized
Custom Colors

Housing Styles

Square Housing
Round Housing

Integrated Frame for The Horizon

Horizon Integrated Screen System

An innovative new retractable insect screen system which can be completely built into the wall cavity making your screening solutions even more discreet and streamlined.

Integrated Frame
Installed during construction phase.

Easy Installation
The Horizon Screen is installed into the frame without screws or bolts

Now you see me, now you don't!
The Horizon will integrate with the door, hidden from plain sight* when not in use.

*We recommend keeping the pull bar visible for easy access.

An View of Excellence

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Wizard Screens offers a 5 years limited warranty on all components, excluding screen mesh, to the original purchaser of The Horizon from the date of purchase. This warranty is non-transferable and will remain intact for the original purchaser provided the product was installed by an Authorized Dealer and/or factory trained installer and has not been moved or altered in any way.
Paint Finish warranty is 10 years for powder coated or painted exposed surface of aluminum and steel components against corrosion and cosmetic deterioration under normal conditions and use.
Wizard warrants the components shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship. “Defects” are defined in this warranty as imperfections that impair the utility of the retractable screen. Wrinkles in the mesh or puckering along its edges in itself does not constitute a defect.
The limited warranty does not include components that have been damaged by misuse, abuse, unauthorized repair or modification, lack of maintenance, normal weathering, fading, scratching, airborne or applied corrosive contaminants, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of Wizard Screens. If a component is defective and you require assistance, please contact your original point of purchase. Please retain your invoice as proof of purchase.
Proof of purchase is required for any after sale service.

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