Maximize the longevity of your outdoor seating area and add revenue year round.

Product: SmartScreen Motorized with Clear Vinyl
Sizes: Up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall
Ideal Usage: Outdoor covered seating space

Outdoor seating spaces are a main attraction when a restaurant is located in a great area with nature or city views. Outdoor tables also offers restaurants some great advertising to passers-by when they can see patrons enjoying themselves and their food. However when the weather turns, patrons prefer to sit inside which leads to lost revenue and possible overcrowding.

This was the exact issue a restaurant in Vancouver’s University district was facing. This restaurant invested in a patio that was in the heart of a busy location with plenty of foot traffic however the large openings made the interior of the patio susceptible to the elements. In addition to that, during the winter months, the patio became too cold to use. When motorized screens with clear vinyl were installed, at the touch of a button, the rain was kept off the patio. Then when winter rolled around, the patio could remain open as, with just a few heaters and the clear vinyl screens, heat was retained within the patio, allowing for year round usage. The clear vinyl also gave a completely unobstructed view of the inside and the outside, without taking up the extra floor space of stacking glass panels.

Integrating clear vinyl motorized screens on to their patio, the restaurant was able to use the space they invested in, no matter what the weather was like. Controlling the elements with a touch of a button gave everyone who visited this establishments the full outdoor experience, and offered plenty of space to ensure everyone is properly distanced.

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