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Powerful security screens let homeowners rest easy with the windows open

Byline: Robin Brunet ©2019 Postmedia Network Inc.

Crimes of opportunity are a huge problem in Lower Mainland neighbourhoods, and as any victim of a home break-in will attest, an open or unlocked door or window is an irresistible lure to thieves.

But Burnaby-based Wizard Screen Solutions enables homeowners to leave their doors and windows wide open for ventilation in summer, without fear of being burglarized, with what appears to be nothing more than upscale screens.

That’s because Wizard custom manufactures and installs the SecuraView line of security screens, which are constructed from high tensile marine grade stainless steel mesh securely fastened to a heavy-duty aluminum frame. Each security screen resembles and performs as a window or door, letting in fresh air and keeping out bugs, but they are designed to provide security.

In fact, the resiliency of the mesh has been proven via rigorous testing. “The mesh has withstood knife shear testing, jemmy testing, dynamic impact testing – you name it – it can’t be kicked in, torn, or yanked out of its door or window frames,” says Stuart Ilott, Wizard’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The product is also ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants because it enables kitchens to remain open for ventilation without compromising security; and it is used in some schools to prevent broken windows.

Wizard launched the SecuraView line after discovering the product in Australia, where homes across that continent rely on the screens for security as well as to provide natural ventilation, UV protection from the hot sun, and to keep pets and babies from wandering outside.

SecuraView screens for all door and window types (including French, sliding, and patio sliding) are custom made in Wizard’s Burnaby plant, and the corrosion resistant aluminum frames (which come in a variety of finishes in order to blend seamlessly with any house) exceed architectural exterior standards.

The manufacturing and fabrication methods used to anchor the mesh to the frames are the subject of multiple international patents, and each system incorporates a multiple point lock especially designed for security.

Ilott says, “The security screens are then installed by certified experienced technicians using tamper-proof hinges and other high security hardware such as heavy duty tracks and rollers. The end result is doors and windows that look like any other screened point of entry, only much more appealing.” The installed SecuraView screens come with a 10-year warranty.

Unsurprisingly, Wizard gets as many customers seeking protection for their infants or pets as it does homeowners who have left their homes unattended for just a few minutes and been robbed. Ilott says, “Security means different things to different people, but SecuraView is a proven system that accommodates a variety of needs - and they look great.”

For more information on Wizard Screen Solutions, please visit www.wizardscreens.com

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