Move freely between large exterior openings while keeping pests and insects out.

Large folding exterior doors present a unique challenge – how to enjoy the unobstructed view when the door is completely open and also be able to move in and out without letting pests and insects into your home. Large motorized screens will give you the view, but need to be fully retracted every time someone enters or exits, opening the large space to pests or insects.

This was the exact problem that a Vancouver Lower Mainland homeowner faced when he came to us for a screen solution for his 21-foot folding door. He loved being able to open the large folding door to access the deck, but being in horse country meant that doing so would allow large amounts of the flies and insects that are common to the area to enter the home.

Ruling motorized screens out, the homeowner found the perfect solution in the Horizon manual screen. With the ability to screen his full 21-foot-wide door while being able to open less than the width of a common entry door, the homeowner got the openness, access to the outdoors, and insect barrier he desired.

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